Movies I could watch a zillion times…..

Movies touch our soles in one way or another – whether you like comedies, thrillers, love stories, dramas, action/adventures, or whatever other genre I missed….. I love going to the movies – I particularly enjoy going to a Sat or Sun matinee to see a good romantic comedy! I believe that if I leave a movie and I have laughed, cried, and have the “warm fuzzies” for a while afterwards, then the movie has met all my criteria of being one that I will definitely want to see again! I thought I would come up with the top 5 movies I’d see again and again and again……..but, I couldn’t do it — there are way too many!!! So, I started to just jot down all the ones that I can think of that I would stop everything to watch in a heart beat! Here is my list – I’m sure I’ve missed some, but these are the ones that came to mind – the ones that I still cry when I watch them even after seeing them over and over (in fact, I actually start crying earlier in the movie because I know the sad parts are coming……LOL) and the ones that still leave me feeling all warm and fuzzy!!!

In no particular order:

Hope Floats
Sweet Home Alabama
Fried Green Tomatoes
Pretty Woman
Untamed Heart
Walk the Line
Guarding Tess
The Notebook
Steel Magnolias
Gone With The Wind
Wizard of Oz
Manions of America
The Rose
Rebel Without A Cause
West Side Story
A Star is Born
The Way We Were
Love Story
Terms of Endearment
Urban Cowboy
An Officer And A Gentleman
Mr. Holland’s Opus
City of Angels
Step Mom

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