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2016 Daily Photo – November 23-26

Well, I made it through the alphabet, again…..without skipping any day……without repeating any subjects I highlighted last time……and without copping out!!! The last of the Daily Photos using the alphabet for my inspiration were taken on November 23-26 and were based on the letters… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photo – November 23-26”

2016 Daily Photos – November 20-22

The next batch of Daily Photos includes photos taken on November 20-22: SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20: “T is for Tangled” As if the sun wasn’t struggling enough…..the wind had to get involved!!! MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21: “U is for U-Need-O Burrito” Main Street, Albion, NY TUESDAY,… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photos – November 20-22”

2016 Daily Photos – November 17-19

And, on we go… are the Daily Photos taken on November 17-19: THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17: “Q is for Quiet” FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18: “R is for Railroad” SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19: “S is for Shop Small”

2016 Daily Photos – November 14-16

And……drum roll, please…….I give you my Daily Photos for Nov 14-16: MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14: “N is for Nuts” TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15: “O is for Outhouse” Built in 1834, this is the oldest structure on the Cobblestone Society Museum grounds in Childs, NY and is… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photos – November 14-16”

2016 Daily Photos – November 11-13

Moving on to the Daily Photos taken on Nov 11-13: FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11: “K is for Kindles and Kiwi Bobas” SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12: “L is for Lace” SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13: “M is for Morning Visitor”

2016 Daily Photos – Nov 8-10

As Autumn marches on, so do my Daily Photos……here are the ones taken on Nov 8-10: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8: “H is for Ham” WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9: “I is for Industry” THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10: “J is for Jugs” These and many other wonderful hand crafted… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photos – Nov 8-10”

2016 Daily Photo – November 5 – 7

This set of Daily Photos has a distinct theme…..and it was deliberate! 🙂 Here are my photos taken on Nov 5-7: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5: “E is for Empty Branches” SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6: “F is for Full Branches” MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7: “G is for Gorgeous… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photo – November 5 – 7”

2016 Daily Photo – November 1-4

I enjoyed using the alphabet for inspiration for my Daily Photos in March so much that I decided to do it, again! So – November will be another alphabet month…..I’ll try to not reuse anything I used in March for the same letters this… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photo – November 1-4”

2016 Daily Photos – October 29-31

Well, kiss October goodbye… are my daily photos from Oct 29-31 to round out the month! SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29: “Basking in the Warmth of the Day” SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30: “Prepared for Season End” Vessels docking in Albion to prepare for the end of the… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photos – October 29-31”

2016 Daily Photos – Oct 25-28

Well, October will soon be coming to a close…..but, before we get to the last few Daily Photos of the month, here are the ones I took on October 25-28: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25: “Smile” WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26: “Silly Shutters Shack” THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27: “First… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photos – Oct 25-28”