March Daily Photos – Week Three

Well, we’re well into this new phenomenon called “social distancing”……it is strange and very hard – I’m a social person and not having any face-to-face interactions with friends and family has me a bit unsettled. I’ve been out a couple times this week taking care of things that had to be done. But, for the most part, I’ve been home trying to get myself motivated to take advantage of all the time I have on my hands to tackle some of the projects I’ve been meaning to get to for like…..forever…..around the house! So far, I’ve managed to finish one book and am nearly done with another, I’ve watched a couple full seasons of shows I’ve never seen on Netflix, I’m all caught up on everything I had on my DVR, and today, I swept and set up my deck so that the furniture is usable and I can sit out in the sun and fresh air….that was a real treat, today – it may have only been 30 degrees, but that sun on my face was pure joy!!! Next week? Projects…….for sure!!! LOL

Here are my Daily Photos for the third week in March:




I got behind, so caught up with this one photo that easily represented three days in a row!!!


When I  saw that particular day’s photo prompt, I had a few good ideas, but couldn’t stop thinking about the time my brother, sister in law, and I stopped at Lambert’s Cafe in Sikeston, Missouri during our 2016 cross country motor home trip. Lambert’s is “the home of the throwed rolls” – if you want a roll, you raise your hands and one will be thrown to you from across the room!!! LOL



Ghost Mall



So, there you have it…….photos and social distancing and spring and life goes on!!!

4 Comments on “March Daily Photos – Week Three

  1. …you won’t be having a soft serve for a while!

    • The place I got this one from opened last week and is staying open as long as allowed because it is walk up and take out only. But, I am resisting the temptation…..well, after I got this one! hehehe

    • I’m always reading something……it just usually takes me longer to read cause I’m on the go so much! hehehe

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