February Favorite Fotos – Part Two

Goodbye, February……can’t say as I’m sorry to see you go! Here’s to hoping March is much kinder to us……bringing thoughts of Spring and new beginnings! Here are a few of my favorite Daily Photo Challenge pics from the last half of February – the Daily Prompt is the caption for each photo!



Over My Head


(I forgot “Shadow” day, so “Over My Head” played double duty)

A Photo

Little Details

Blue and Green



This coming week is the beginning of the Lenten Season…….so, I will be doing the usual Daily Photo Challenge AND a Lenten Photo Challenge! Looking forward to what I’ll come up with for both lists of prompts!

4 Comments on “February Favorite Fotos – Part Two

  1. Fun to see your photos, Kim. I have always thought colored paper clips inject a little fun into work. I guess it’s just another simple thing that can brighten your day a bit. 🙂

    • I am a color-coding-fanatic……so, colored paper clips make me VERY happy! LOL

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