Photos of the Day – December 29th, 30th, and 31st


Farewell to 2017 and Welcome 2018!!!

Here are my final three Photos of the Day for 2017……Representing December 29-31, 2017:


# 363 Photo Prompt – Makes Me Happy:

“I Found The Great Ice Formation To Photograph”



# 364 Photo Prompt – Best Photo of 2017:

“It was a tough decision…..there were so many awesome photos…..but, this is my choice!”



# 365 Photo Prompt – Cheers:

“Words to Remember Through 2018…..and Beyond!”




Royal blue micro-dot LLR Leggings with a gorgeous, vibrant Lynnae!!!

That’s how I Roe’d, Today!!!


January 2018s Photo Prompts:

So… are the January 2018 Photo-A-Day Challenge Prompts! I am going to continue this on through 2018, but am only going to routinely post them on Instagram and Facebook. I doubt I will routinely make it a point to catch them up on here every few days. I will post photos I take and will likely post some of my favorites from this challenge…..just not committing to post every single one! I really want to try to get my blog back to the intent of it… write about my thoughts and experiences and document my life through photos……we’ll see how that goes…..cause I keep trying to get back on track and keep falling back into the habit of just posting the photos I take cause I’m prompted to do so by some list of challenges!

Have a fun, but safe New Year’s Eve…….see you next year!!! 🙂

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