What is Blooming Today!

The rain over the past few days has awakened a lot of my flowering bushes and plants! Here is what has bloomed practically overnight in my yard……don’t pay attention to the tall grass – it definitely needs to be mowed – the rain woke it up, too, but it is too wet to mow! Hhhmmm…….

These four lilac bushes were beginning to make me wonder if I would ever see blossoms on them! They were planted four years ago – last year was the first year that showed any sign of possible blooms – they got sticks that looked like they might have tiny buds, but they never opened up, so three years of very pretty, full looking bushes with NO blossoms! This year, they got those same sticks with tiny buds and it looked like they weren’t going to do anything, again! BUT…..look at what happened within the past few days!!! BLOSSOMS!!! And they smell AMAZING!!! Guess I won’t give up on them, after all!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

My peonies are mostly open and gorgeous…..with lots more buds ready to pop any day!!!

I have two huge deep purple clematis plants……one on the side of the house next to the chimney and one on the corner of the shed……just stunning!!!

My dark horse weigela bushes are loaded with blossoms, too!

Not sure what these in the front of the weigela’s are, but they are lovely!

We put in a new creeping rose bush this year to compliment the rose of sharons and it is VERY pretty!!!

Other plants…..not sure what they are, but they are adding pops of color around the gardens!

I have two of these…..they have the prettiest yellow buttercup looking blossoms – about an inch across!

The delicate little blossoms on this are so sweet looking!

Can not wait to watch and enjoy the other aspects of my gardens wake up and add beauty to my yard throughout the summer!

2 Comments on “What is Blooming Today!

    • They have never been trimmed! I was getting worried they might never bloom! I was told it might take a couple years for them to become acclimated to their new home and to not trim them during that time. Looks like they finally decided they like it there! 🙂

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