Photo of the Day – May 23rd – and more…

Today’s post has a theme… gardens! The landscapers came on Saturday and did all the spring clean up and mulch and added two new garden areas and a few new plants here and there in the existing garden areas! It is all so beautiful! Every year I add a little something…..slowly but surely I am getting my yard just the way I want it! At the rate I can comfortably have it done, I should have my vision finished in one or two more seasons! But…..knowing me, I doubt I’ll stop when the vision is complete! hehehe

Now, it is my turn to get to work……I have the initial planting and mulching done for me (can’t get on my knees anymore and it would take me all summer to do what they can do in a day), but the maintenance and personalizing it with what-nots and annual pots is all my job!!! Today, I mowed and set out a few things…..more will get done tomorrow and every day the weather cooperates this week…..hopefully, I’ll be all done and can relax and enjoy it by Memorial Day…..except for the mowing, trimming, and weeding that is on-going, of course!

Here is my Photo of the Day for May 23, 2017:

# 143 Photo Prompt – Simplicity:

“Hanging pots and wind chimes to accent the patio”


And, now, a sampling of the rest of my yard and gardens……photos taken over the past couple of days:

New area along side of the garage – the arborvitae has been there for about 5 years, but the rest is all new this season!

Along the west fence line is all new, two…..previous work rounded the back corner and this front corner and now it is all connected!

This has all been in place for about 5 years…..when I bought the house, there were HUGE old privet hedges across the front

Love my little bench and The Beagles dog band! 😀

This area was part of last year’s projects

Love my peonies….can’t wait till they pop open…..four of eight in my yard!

The knockout roses on the right side of the deck were getting out of control – we cut them back last fall and they are coming in beautifully!!!

This deep purple clematis is LOADED with buds waiting to pop!!!

I love my new cobblestone bird house……I bought it last fall…..a lady in Hilton hand makes them out of stones she gathers from Lake Ontario

My bird and butterfly friendly island was one of last year’s projects, too…..we filled in with a few extra plants and the cobblestone bird house

There you have it……not all my gardens, but most of them!!! I absolutely love sitting out on my deck and gazing at the beauty all around me!!!


May 2017s Photo Prompts:

2 Comments on “Photo of the Day – May 23rd – and more…

    • I got all my family plots adorned with flowers yesterday……so, nope – definitely not lame!!!

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