My Ring Tones

Picking a ring tone is a very personal decision that takes a lot of thought and reflection. Your ring tone is a reflection of your personality and/or what makes you smile. So, I have never been one to just pick the first ring tone that sounds half way decent to me.

My old cell phone didn’t have a lot of features and, therefore, not a lot of choices for ring tones. But, I was able to down load ring tones from a limited selection. I went through all the choices over and over again trying to decide what ring tone would suit my style. I settled on Henry Mancini’s Pink Panther Theme. In my previous position, part of my responsibilities included investigations and auditing, so it was kind of cool to use the Pink Panther Theme to signify the inspector/auditor part of my life!

In my current position, I don’t do much of those types of tasks. Also, over the past year or so, I have been trying to focus more on my private life and bring that part of my life out more. So — when I got a new phone a month or so ago, I wanted to find something very special to me personally…… The search began!!!!

The first ring tone I downloaded and used for a short time was My Girl by the Temptations – in honor of the girls – I sing that song to them all the time! I liked that and thought I found my ring tone! But, in searching further, I found Mustang Sally by Wilson Pickett! BINGO!!! I couldn’t down load it fast enough — it is perfect for me — it makes me smile — it makes me want to just let the phone ring, sing along, and call the person back later! ha-ha

I also downloaded (for future possible changes to suit my mood) a couple of classical instrumentals for mellow moods, I Love Rock ‘n Roll by Joan Jett for my rock side, and a crazy one — it starts out yelling “Hey, Kim!” and goes into a really cool guitar riff, then yells “Come on!” and goes into a great rock melody. The last one is pretty cool, but irritating when it goes off in my office or the grocery store, so I will have to be in a really wild mood to use it! ha-ha

So – after a lot of searching, thinking, and trial & error, I settled on Mustang Sally – with a few back ups in case I get a wild bug telling me to change it up a little! If you are in a store somewhere and hear a Mustang Sally ring tone go off on another aisle, look around – you’ll probably find me answering my phone (or maybe just letting it ring and bee bopping around the produce section….)!

What’s your ring tone and why did you pick it? You can post a comment here or do your own detailed explanation on your blog!

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