Rescues make wonderful pets….

I was talking with a co-worker today about some strays she has taken in and is trying to find a home for and we talked about my girls – all rescues! It made me want to post their stories here…..

Puddles – We took Puddles in on a trial basis – she was pretty much just on her own with little or no human interaction. She was in really bad shape and near death. A beautiful, sweet princess emerged after some medical attention and grooming. She quickly wormed her way into our hearts and became a pampered, cherished companion for almost 17 years!!! She was put to rest early this year – God rest her precious little sole!!!

Nickname: Her Royal Highness, The Princess Puddles

Katie was found on the side of the road in a horrible storm. She was taken in by a friend and they tried to find her owners – without success. I fell in love with her and brought her home! She needed major medical attention and it was several months before she was strong and healthy. After that, she filled out nicely and turned into an absolutely gorgeous red head!!! ha-ha She has been with me for about 3 1/2 years now and is so very special…..

Nickname: Glamour Girl or Katie, The Beauty
Katie Then:

Katie Now: Megan and Amy wandered up to a friend’s house out in the country at about 8-10 weeks old. They were scared and lost. Attempts to find out where they came from were unsuccessful, so I took them in — BUT — only until I could find them a home! That was a little over a year ago – they are still here! ha-ha They didn’t have the health problems the others had, but it was a challenge training 2 puppies! They are smart, though, and very loving!


Amy Belle (because she is so gentle and sweet – like a perfect southern lady)

Megan-stein (speaks for itself – she also answers to “the monster” – ha-ha)

Megan Then:

Amy Then: Both Girls Then: Megan Now: Amy Now:

So – there they are!!!! The most devoted, loving, adoring girls in all the world!!!!


I just watched the last 1/2 hour of Beaches (Bette Midler, Barbara Hershey) on Oxygen — I can not believe it didn’t come to mind when I was coming up with the movies that I could watch a zillion times and that make me cry every time I watch them!!!! Beaches is the classic tear jerker — BIG TIME!!!! And I never get tired of watching it!!! I only watched about 1/2 hour of it and I cried so hard my eyes are all swollen and my nose is all stuffed up (now there’s a picture for you!!!)…….an incredible movie and an amazing story!!!

So – I have rectified leaving this great favorite off my other blog and gave it the proper recognition…..

Oh oh — an encore presentation is starting — guess I’ll get to see the whole movie (again) and cry some more tonight!!!! ha-ha


My house is all tore up and it’s driving me nuts!!!! ha-ha I’m in process of doing some major renovations and I can’t wait until it’s all done!!!

When I bought this place three and a half years ago, I knew there were things I would want to change, but didn’t really know what I wanted to do. So – I moved in “as is” and decided to wait and see how things evolved……I also couldn’t afford to do what I wanted to do right after purchasing the house – I have to save up for projects and chunk it out to do it in phases. I won’t do any of the work on credit, so I get enough saved for a specific project and then wait until I get enough saved for the next project. So, it’s taking me time to get it all done. But, my goal is to have everything the way I want it within 5 years or less of when I purchased it. That means I have a year and a half left to finish – not sure if I’ll meet that goal or not, but I’m gonna give it a good shot!

Some things were given priority status out of necessity – fencing, gutters, and replacement of the linoleum on the kitchen floor with DuraCeramic tiles were all done the first year. I also did some landscaping and outside stuff the first year and some the second year – including a great new patio!

So – with the outside stuff done and a couple years of looking at the interior, I decided this was the year to tackle the inside renovations!!! In the mean time, Puddles started having geriatric doggie health problems and Megan and Amy were being puppies – so the carpet and furniture were in need of help (to put it nicely)! Knowing that I was going to focus on making changes anyway helped me get through all that! ha-ha Now that Puddles has passed (God rest my precious Princess’ sole) and the puppies are a year old, I think it’s safe to do what I want to do!!!!

Current decor — The carpet is the same beige throughout – it’s a really nice carpet, but not something I would have picked and kinda dull. The walls are white throughout every room! I always thought I loved white walls – so clean and bright – until I lived in a house that had white walls in every room in the house!!! The kitchen and bathrooms have white Formica counter tops and the bathroom floors have white linoleum. The kitchen appliances are all white. And I have mostly beige or wood furniture! So — boring, boring, boring — don’t get me wrong — very nice, clean, bright, and flexible – I have added my color with accents and accessories until I could decide what I wanted to do!

Situation as of this weekend — all the old living room furniture is gone and all my nick-knacks, TV, and other stuff is all over the kitchen table and counter tops!!! It looks like a plane hit the place!!! ha-ha

The plan — I thought I wanted to replace the carpeting with more carpeting, but my heart just wasn’t in it and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted wood flooring!!! So — I’m having Armstrong Grand Illusions Laminate flooring installed in the living room, foyer, and hallway – this is a new product that has a piano finish and some really beautiful wood graining – scratch and stain resistant and less maintenance than real wood flooring! I’m also replacing the linoleum in the guest bathroom with DuraCeramic tiles. They are going to do that sometime next week (we’re still working out the details). Then, the new furniture is being delivered the weekend after the flooring is done! For now, I’m going to leave the carpet “as is” in the bedrooms.

What’s next? — After the flooring and furniture are here and I see how it all looks, I will decide on paint colors for the walls throughout the house – I have a friend at work who’s husband has a painting business that comes highly recommended, so I’ll see what they can do and when. I want to warm up the rooms and know what basic colors I want. But I need to be careful of the shades so that I avoid making it dark, so I want to see what the flooring will do before I pick out final colors. Of course, window treatments will be part of that, as well.

Other future projects — I will probably leave the carpet “as is” in the guest bedroom and den, but I want to replace the carpet in the master bedroom. I also want to put DuraCeramic in the master bathroom. Another plan is to upgrade to stainless steel appliances in the kitchen and replace the counter tops in the kitchen and both bathrooms – probably Corian material in granite style.

So — I’ve come a long way and am making progress, but have a lot more to do!!!! I just want to get past this period of being all tore up — it’s driving me nuts!!!! ha-ha-ha!!!!

Megan’s First Shopping Trip to PetSmart!

Megan went shopping with Mommie to PetSmart today!!! Katie has been to PetSmart several times and Puddles used to go with me a lot before she passed away. But neither Megan nor Amy have been yet – until now! I decided to start with Megan to see how she reacts to it. She had a BLAST!!!

She’s really good in the car, so the ride to Southern Pines went well — she just sat there and enjoyed the ride. She was a little suspicious about going in the store and didn’t get excited at all – in fact, she was really quite reserved (definitely out of character for her…)! But it didn’t take long for her to start sniffing around and become curious – soon, she was really getting into the whole shopping experience. We went up and down every aisle and she looked all the inventory over. We got the food we went for and picked out a few new toys that met her approval and a supply of chews. She watched a cage full of birds with great interest, but did it very calmly! She was really very good and seemed to enjoy herself!!!

We got in the car and she rode back to Sanford quietly. When we got home, she rushed into the house to tell Katie and Amy all about her adventure — they jumped around and discussed it all — then, we showed them the new toys and chews that Megan picked out for them! They all went outside and romped and played!!!

It was quite an adventurous day for Megan — she is taking a much needed nap to rest up from all the excitement! She had fun and behaved – so there will be more shopping trips to PetSmart in her future!!!

Hank and My Honky Tonk Heroes – Temple Theater

I went to the Temple Theater last night to see Hank and My Honky Tonk Heroes – if you have not gone to see this show yet or if you don’t plan to see it — you really need to consider going!!!! It was truly amazing!!! I was mesmerized for every second of the show and in tears during most of it!!!

Jason Petty and his band (a fiddle, a base, a guitar, and a steel guitar) do an excellent job of bringing Hank Williams to life and tell his story! The show is a combination of telling Hank’s story through stories Jason gathered interviewing friends and family that knew Hank and singing the songs that Hank wrote and recorded, as well as some songs of those who influenced Hank and who Hank had influenced. The stories paint a picture of a man who was passionate about his music and tortured by life. It takes the audience from his early childhood through to his untimely death at age 29. It is funny, emotional, heart warming, interesting, and, above all, thoroughly entertaining!

I love the vintage country music and Hank Williams, in particular. Granted, Hank Williams died three years before I was born, but I still grew up on his music. My Mom was a fan, so I listened to his records and knew all the words to all his songs! So, the songs in this show really touched me!

Jason Petty is an outstanding entertainer – he looks somewhat like Hank, but I also thought he looked somewhat like Ernest Tubb – he could easily do a believable job portraying Ernest Tubb, too! In fact, he sings one of Ernest’s songs in the show! He does a great job on the songs from other country music stars, too – even a really enjoyable rendition of Elvis doing “That’s Alright Mama”!!!! He’s an excellent story teller and gives the stories just the right touch of humor!

The musicians in the band were excellent, too. I personally love to hear a good fiddle player and I was treated to a good one last night! And you can’t do vintage country music without a steel guitar and the guy who played that one last night really knew how to make it whine — it brought up the goose bumps!!!!

Definitely a MUST SEE!!! Even if you aren’t a big country music fan, I think you will enjoy the show. Go see it — I promise you will be entertained and won’t be sorry you spent your money and time on this one! It’s a guaranteed good time for all (short of those who just plain hate country music of any kind….)!

Dinner at the Dairy Bar

I left work early today — I was so sick to my stomach and queasy feeling, I came home and went to bed! I got up about dinner time, but still didn’t feel like eating. I fed the girls their supper and refreshed their pool and did some work on the computer. Then, about 7:30 or so I started getting hungry! So, I decided to pop over to the Dairy Bar for something to eat. I changed my clothes, freshened up, and headed out.

I got to the end of Hawkins Ave where Depot Park is and it hit me that it was THURSDAY!! I hadn’t thought about it! I almost always go to Renalds for dinner on Thursday nights — the only Thursday’s I miss are ones that I have something else going on that prevents me from being able to go. I go for lunch there often, but Thursday’s are the only nights they are open for dinner! The food is great (Chef Hamm continually out-does himself – he’s incredible), two of my best friends are waitresses there on Thurs nights, and Joni (the owner) has made her restaurant so lovely and comfortable that you feel right at home! So – when I realized it was Thursday, I thought about going there – but it was 8:00 and they close at 9:00 and since I still didn’t feel quite right, I thought just slipping in to the Dairy Bar for a quick bite might be better!

So, the Dairy Bar it was!!! I really enjoy the Dairy Bar, too — the menu is full of home cooked comfort food – my favorite cuisine!! ha-ha! I enjoy going there for breakfast on the weekends and popping in for lunch when I’m out shopping. I also go for dinner once in a while, too! I never go there without running into someone I know – tonight was no different, even though it was late. They had chicken and dumplings on the Thursday special menu and I thought that sounded soothing and just right to top of a yucky day – so, I ordered the chicken and dumplings, creamed potatoes, and cole slaw! I was right — it was perfect!!! It tasted so good and did a good job of settling my still unstable stomach! And I was in and out and back home in just slightly over 1/2 hour!

Although I am really bummed that I didn’t realize it was Thursday and missed out on my Thursday Renalds “fix”, I made a good choice for the situation!

Dancing With The Stars

I’m not much into reality shows – but there are a few that I do enjoy! I really like Top Chef on Bravo – I never miss it and watch the reruns when I catch them while flipping channels. I also like Bravo’s Shear Genius and Project Runway – neither are currently showing new episodes, but last season I watched them when I happened to think about it. But I LOVE Dancing With The Stars!!!! I set the recorder in case I dose off or get busy and miss it – I dread the end of the season and can’t wait for the new season to start!!!

So – I was very excited today to hear the announcement of this year’s participants!!!

My personal favorite on the list is CAMERON MATHISON – he plays Ryan Laverly on daytime’s All My Children (the only soap I watch – I tape it every day!) – his partner is EDYTA SLIWINSKA. She’s good, but not one of my favorites of the regulars. I haven’t seen him dance, yet, but he’s very athletic and I’m taking early bets that he’ll make it all the way!!!!

Marie Osmond, Wayne Newton, and Jane Seymour will probably do OK and be fan favorites for a few episodes, but I’m guessing they won’t last too long. The rest are anybody’s guess — I don’t know much about some of them. Scary Spice is an entertainer, so she may last a while (but, then again, she did just have a baby a few months ago — maybe that will slow her down some). The Abercrombie and Finch male model will probably make a good showing and be in the last few. We’ll see — I’ll have more of an opinion after the first couple of shows and I see how they do.

Watch for my weekly commentary on the progress of the show!!! Warning, though – I get pretty excited and passionate about the contestants and how I feel about who gets booted off (or who doesn’t get booted off, but should!!!).

Here’s to a great season of Rumbas, Sambas, Waltzes, Paso Dobles, Quicksteps, Cha-Chas, Jives, Foxtrots, and Tangos!!!! WOO HOO!!!! I’m so looking forward to Monday September 24th!!!