Movie Reviews

I haven’t been to the movies in a while, which is really odd for me – I try to take in a matinee at least a couple times a month – every weekend, if there are movies that catch my interest! But, with so much going on and the lack of movies that I tend to usually enjoy, I haven’t been in quite a while…….I don’t even remember the last movie I saw in the theater!

So, I decided I wanted to see a movie today! I looked up what was playing and didn’t see anything that immediately stood out. After reading more about them, I decided to see TWO today — neither of which are my usual cup of tea, but both had excellent cast lists and interesting sounding story lines. I decided to see Rendition at the 10:20 Early Bird Matinee and then see We Own The Night at the 12:40 Matinee.

First, I need to comment on the Early Bird Matinee — I have always liked the Early Bird Matinee! I have a problem paying full price for a movie at the theater unless it is something really special and I’m going with friends or something — I typically will only go to matinees. They cost less and there are usually less people – meaning not so crowded and not as many people talking all the way through the movie I just paid to listen to…….. I especially like the Early Bird Matinee cause it is $1.00 cheaper than the regular Matinee price — hey, a $1.00 is a $1.00 and it’s worth it to me to get going earlier and take advantage of that $1.00 savings! HOWEVER – much to my dismay, I discovered today that the Early Bird Matinee is no longer cheaper than the regular Matinee — they cost exactly the same now!!!!! They still call it the Early Bird Matinee and still only have it on certain days, but there is absolutely no advantage now in getting there that early!!!! The Assistant Manager was at the ticket window and I said “the Early Bird Matinee isn’t cheaper anymore?” and he said “nope, sorry”. I replied with “then why bother?” to which he responded “my thoughts exactly!” ha-ha! And from what I could tell, not many people are bothering………there wasn’t anyone in line and only two people in the lobby and I was the only person in the theater watching Rendition until one other lady came in right about when the previews ended……..

So – here is what I thought of the two movies:

Renditionstarring Reese Witherspoon, Jake Gyllenhaal, Meryl Streep, and others. I did not like this movie at all. It had a powerful story, but I just don’t like movies like that. I thought it would be more about her trying to free her husband, who was unfairly detained and questioned because he was traveling abroad and was of Egyptian decent. Instead, it focused more on terrorists, home land security, and the CIA sending possible terrorists to other countries to be tortured for information! The movie starts out showing an Egyptian chemist who has lived in Chicago since he was 12 and is married to Reese Witherspoon (they have a 6 year old son and another on the way) leaving a conference he attended in South Africa. At the time he is leaving to return home, a suicide bomber attempts an attack on a high ranking official in another country (I didn’t catch what country, but it appeared to be middle-eastern) and ends up killing several people, including an American CIA agent. When he arrives in the US, he is quickly whisked away to be questioned and when he tells them there is some horrible mistake cause he doesn’t know the terrorists they think he is affiliated with, Meryl Streep orders him to be “put on the plane” where he is taken to the country where the bomb attack took place and tortured by the person who was the target of the bomb. Jake Gyllenhaal plays the CIA agent who is there to observe the questioning and becomes uncomfortable with the tactics. Reese Witherspoon goes to see an old college friend who works for a US Senator for help finding her husband. I won’t go in to specific details – some may like that sort of thing and I’d hate to spoil it for them. A large portion of the movie was in subtitles, so I was busy reading instead of watching the movie – I hate that! Although there were a couple of action scenes, I found it to be mostly dull. The movie makes some pretty powerful political statements (whether you believe the allegations surrounding this topic or not), but really doesn’t go anywhere with it. That’s probably why I didn’t like it — I go to a movie to be entertained and I didn’t feel one bit entertained. I just didn’t like it and wish I had saved my $6.50 plus the cost of popcorn and coke. Double Thumbs Down – total waste of time and money!

We Own The Nightstarring Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Wahlberg, and Robert Duvall. Now this one I liked – a lot! It was the age old story about a man (Robert Duvall) with two sons – one who followed in his footsteps as a NYC cop (Mark Wahlberg) and one who got mixed up with drugs and the Russian mob (Joaquin Phoenix). The brothers were at odds with each other most of the time and the father looked at Joaquin’s character as an outcast. Joaquin changed his last name and no one in the mob knew his family were cops, except for his girlfriend. The father and brother tried to get Joaquin to help them by informing on the Russian mob, but he refused. They raided the club he managed for the mob and the raid resulted in the cop brother being shot by a masked hit man – luckily, he was seriously wounded, but didn’t die. Not knowing he was talking to the cop’s brother, the mobster they were trying to get bragged to Joaquin that he had a cop shot and that he had a hit list that had the cop’s father next in line to go!!! Joaquin couldn’t take that – he went to his Dad and told him. I won’t spoil the story for anyone who hasn’t seen it, yet (so far I have only told the first few scenes), but suffice it to say that he bans together with the cops to get revenge and it makes for a very emotionally charged and exciting movie!!!! I really liked this one – even though I don’t typically pick movies like this. I highly recommend it! Two Thumbs and Two Big Toes Up for this one!!!!

Now, for the best line of the day — it was in We Own The Night – Mark Wahlberg’s character was talking to Joaquin Phoenix’s character – he handed him a pistol and told him to take it for his protection and said “…better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6…”!!!

My Theme Song…..

I have had the pleasure of hearing this song on the radio several times in the last few days and it just sends me into another universe every time I hear it – it is “my” song!!! I have always loved it and always loved Mustangs – so, here are the words to my official Theme Song!!! When it plays, I roll the windows down and crank up the volume!!! And if the top is down, it’s even better!!!

Wilson Pickett – Mustang Sally

Mustang Sally
Guess you better slow your Mustang down
Mustang Sally
Guess you better slow your Mustang down
You been running all over town now
Oh I guess I have to put your flat feet on the ground

All you wanna do is ride around Sally (Ride Sally ride)
All you wanna do is ride around Sally (Ride Sally ride)
All you wanna do is ride around Sally (Ride Sally ride)
All you wanna do is a ride around Sally
One of these early morninings
I’m gonna be wiping your weeping eyes

I bought you a brand new Mustang
A nineteen sixty-five
Now you come around Signifying a woman
That don´t wanna let me ride – Mustang Sally now baby oh lord
Guess you better slow that Mustang down

Huh! oh Lord! Look here
You been running all over town
Oow! I got to put your flat feet on the ground
Huh! what I said now hey-a
Let me say it one more time y´all

All you wanna do is ride around Sally (Ride Sally ride)
All you wanna do is ride around Sally (Ride Sally ride)
All you wanna do is ride around Sally (Ride Sally ride)
All you wanna do is a ride around Sally
One of these early morninings
I’m gonna be wiping your weeping eyes

When is it gonna rain????

Does anyone know a Rain Dance, a good old fashioned Rain Man (I don’t mean Dustin Hoffman……), or some effective chants???? We sure need something………I can not believe it’s been so long since we’ve had any beneficial rain fall!!!!

On the subject of water conservation:

Next time you see a dirty car, instead of using your finger to write “wash me” in the dirt, consider writing “thank you for doing your part”!

Candidate’s Forum vs. Dancing With The Stars

Oh the dilemma!!! The Sanford Herald and BPW hosted a Candidate’s Forum at the Civic Center tonight and I attended representing BPW. A semi decent crowd showed up and it went well — very interesting!!! I don’t discuss my opinions on politics in public (I know – you’re shocked – I’m usually not at all shy about voicing my opinion — but not about politics or religion – at least not in public), so I won’t comment on my thoughts about what the candidates talked about — just to say that I thought it was interesting and went well……I’ll leave the details to the Herald – that’s their job – not mine (thank goodness!).

BUT — I got almost to the Civic Center and realized that I forgot to set the recorder for Dancing With The Stars!!!! OH NO!!!!! I debated going back home to set the recorder or slipping out early so I wouldn’t miss my favorite show!!!! But, I didn’t…… I stayed until the end – but then I bolted!!!! ha-ha!!! I got home in time to watch the last 20 minutes and saw the 2 second recaps! I’ll see more tomorrow night on the results show when they do the flash backs.

I’ve resisted bombarding the blog with my enthusiasm over Dancing With The Stars — but here’s an update: Marie and Jane are doing great, I think one of the women will win this year – probably Sabrina or Jennie, all are doing great – hard to pick a favorite as none have really stood out as incredibly bad or significantly better than the others, poor Wayne Newton got voted off last week, I think the millionaire is soon to go – if not this week, probably next week!

And speaking of Wayne Newton – he did pretty darn good and looked good, too! BUT — he’s obviously had some work done! His skin looked like it was pulled so tight that I thought I saw his toe nails just under his chin………..ha-ha!!!

I had a dream…..

I have some pretty strange dreams from time to time and I’m usually able to remember them vividly!!! I sometimes wonder what was in the back of my mind that would trigger them or why some of the topics are even remotely something that I would have any thoughts on at all…….but, the one I had last night was pretty obvious why it may have been on my mind and incorporated into a dream – it was most likely triggered by my concern about the drought we have been in for so many months:

I dreamt I was going about my usual business on a nice weekend day when the sky got dark and the clouds rolled in and a torrential rain hit — it came down with such force, I had to pull the car over and try to wait it out because I couldn’t see to drive! I sat there watching the rain and it began to flood – the water flowed down the road like a raging river! Luckily for me, the flooding was only in the streets, turning them into rivers, and not on the side where I pulled over and not in any other areas that I could see from my spot – and, strangely enough, everything all along the new rivers was ABOVE water level – like on the banks of a river – it was truly bazaar! As I sat there watching the rain, I got out briefly to let the rain wash over me and I twirled around getting drenched!!! I stopped twirling and looked at the “river” and saw several things floating by — toys, wood, tree limbs, people in canoes and row boats, and even one of those powered sea-do type thingies (by the way, it was still raining so hard you could barely see – not sure how these people could stand to be out there with trying to have fun on the water)…..when the rain finally stopped, everything around me turned the most beautiful dark green, the lawns grew about a foot, flowers bloomed, and everything looked like spring time and everything was clean and bright! The water flowed down the “rivers” until they emptied and turned back into streets, and I pulled back on the street and drove away to get back on my way to whatever I was going to do! I woke up and went to the window wondering if it had rained and the sound of the rain prompted the dream, but everything was dry – no rain!!!!

I’ve often thought that I should write down all my dreams (I still remember a lot of them and think of some of the more bazaar ones from time to time) and put them into a book – it would make for interesting reading (at least for me…….and maybe a few others with bazaar reading interests)!

One classic that I had as a child that still comes to mind whenever I think of my strangest of dreams is lost tooth related — I dreamt that I lost a tooth and it was suddenly a HUGE bright white tooth, about the size of a car, and it was bouncing and tumbling like a big ball down the main street in my home town and I was on two very large white horses – standing on their backs with one foot on each horse, holding the reins with one hand and spinning a lasso with the other – I was wearing a white cowgirl outfit and hat and I was chasing this tooth down main street trying to get close enough to lasso it!!! I never did catch that tooth – it was gone forever!!! ha-ha-ha

I wonder what I’ll dream tonight?????

New Template….

I’m not positive, but I’m fairly certain that this template is new and wasn’t available when I first set up my blog page. I was looking for something different and this one popped out at me and I’m sure it would have if it was a choice in the first place! I have a “thing” for lighthouses and I am so glad I found this template — so pretty — so soothing — really sets a calm, peaceful tone! I can just picture myself sitting in a rocker on the walkway of this lighthouse, looking out over the ocean, and writing down my thoughts…………..hhhmmm, what a great way to end each day, just thinking about it and projecting myself there……..Don’t know about any of you who visit regularly, but I am definitely going to enjoy looking at it!

Cow Bingo????

OK – I gotta talk about this one – just can’t resist it…….ha-ha!

Apparently, people are buying $50 tickets for a chance to win $2000 and other lower value prizes at the Lee Regional Fair – proceeds going to the Lions Club. The “game” is played by putting a well fed cow out into a pasture where various numbered squares are. Ticket holders will watch eagerly to see if the cow puts his “signature” on their number!!! Have I got that right???? This is too funny — is it just me, or is there something a little on the strangely perverted side of humor here? I love it!!! Strangely perverse humor is an art form!!! ha-ha-ha!!!!