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Scratch Offs and Pull Cards

Herald Reporter, Jonathan Owens, has started a series of posts on his blog ( to track his luck (or lack there of, whatever the case may be) at the NC Lottery scratch off games. I got all excited when I saw his first post announcing his intentions! It will be fun to watch his progress and see how it all turns out after he has spent $100 over a 10 day stretch! Will he hit it big or lose it all?

Reading his blog has renewed my interest in the scratch offs — I really enjoy them — you know instantly if you won anything – even if it is just the price of the card back so you can buy another one!!! I never really got into buying the Lottery tickets – I don’t like having to wait to watch the news to find out if I won and the odds are way out there! But, I have bought a couple on occasion.

I like the $1 cards – I get more for my money, but I know they don’t bring the chance for the big winnings. But, it’s not the big winning potential that drives me. Not that I wouldn’t LOVE to find one that makes me rich, don’t get me wrong – I buy to win!!! But, knowing the chance of getting rich off them is about as remote as me becoming Miss America, my driver for these types of things is more the fun of scratching each section off to see if there is a match! I like to get several at a time, take them home, sit at the table with a penny and my stack, and slowly scratch off each one. I place the losers in the “trash” pile and any winners are celebrated with a little “woo hoo” and placed in the “take them back to get more” pile. I take back the winners to buy more and keep the “streak” going until I get down to the last losing card and don’t have any more to get new ones without adding money – I play with my winnings as long as the cards will let me! ha-ha It has been a long time since I’ve done that, but Jonathan’s blog has got me wanting to test my luck again……….maybe I’ll be a big winner in 2008!!!! If I do, I guess I’ll owe Jonathan a lunch for prompting my return to gambling!

When they first came out and I started to get them now and then, I tried to keep a log of my spending to keep myself in check. It is hard when you win now and then to see what your real loss rate is. So, I kept track of it for a while – at the end of a couple of months of buying them 2-3 times a month, I was ahead by $2.00!!!! Obviously not something that was going to fund my retirement, but it was fun and it wasn’t costing me a fortune! Soon, though, I got out of the habit of tracking it and then got out of the habit of buying them! I still do, occasionally, though.

Scratch offs aren’t the only instant gratification gambling that I have had fun with – although, I believe they are the only ones available here in NC! When I lived in Western NY, I used to enjoy going to the Indian Reservation near my home and play the pull cards — they were much like the scratch offs – inexpensive, quick, easy – you pull strips off the cards to reveal the results. They were fun, too!

Well – think I just might pop into a convenience store next time I’m out tooling around and see if I can’t scratch off enough cards to build a nice little nest egg for myself………………….or not!

Just Visitiing….

I haven’t had much time to post my thoughts — I’ve been busy relaxing and visiting with my Mom!!!! It has been so great having her here — I think I’ll keep her!!! ha-ha-ha

Christmas Day and Movie Review….

Christmas was really special this year – my Mom was here to share it with me!!! Of course I loved all my gifts – my friends and family know me and my taste and put a lot of thought into that special something that they know will make me smile the most! But the best gift of all was Mom’s visit! And it’s really just beginning – she will be here until the 6th!

Some dear friends came over on Christmas Eve in the afternoon and we had tea & cookies and exchanged gifts. Then, Mom and I opened our gifts later on Christmas Eve.

Today, we made French Toast for breakfast and then went to the movies. After the movies, we made dinner together and enjoyed an evening of old movies on TV……

The movie we saw was “Charlie Wilson’s War”. We plan to see more than one while she’s here, but really wanted to see this one first. Our second choice for later in the visit is “P.S. I Love You” – we both wish we had skipped the first choice and gone right to choice # 2…….This was the one we both wanted to see most and were disappointed! We already saw all the best parts of the movie in the trailers, so as it turns out, we didn’t have to spend our gift card to see the best of the movie!!! There were some funny parts and it was an interesting story, but it was put together poorly, which resulted in a boring movie. We weren’t the only ones who thought so – the couple in front of us as we left the theater had this to say: The gentleman: “Well, that’s that…”; The lady: “Yeah, I fell asleep…”. We found the dialog to be way too technical and would have preferred to have them include more about the characters. There were hints of their private lives and hints about how he lobbied the other members of Congress, but I thought they grazed over the surface of those parts without details and background info. I thought they rushed through it and missed a lot of good opportunities for making the movie more entertaining – the story sounded like it could have been made quite entertaining if they had focused more on making a movie and less on making a political statement. The acting was good — Tom Hanks did an excellent job — Philip Seymour Hoffman was awesome — Amy Adams was adorable! I didn’t care for Julia Roberts in her role — they could have done more to bring that character out and delve into her more, but they didn’t – it was kind of an obscure role! All in all, it wasn’t “BAD”, but it wasn’t “GOOD”, either — I rate it a C…………………..and we’re looking forward to “P.S. I Love You”!

So – we had a lovely day and a really great Christmas!!!!


Ho Ho Ho
and a Very
Merry Christmas
to all!!!

Count Down To Christmas

2 more days until Christmas
1 more shopping day until Christmas

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve — I love Christmas Eve!!! When we were little, we would typically go to Grandma’s for Christmas, so our Christmas at home happened on Christmas Eve. Mom would make a buffet type meal and we would open our gifts (except, of course, those that Santa brought after we all went to bed – those we would open in the morning before we went to Grandma’s house!)…there was always a package with a brand new pair of cozy jammies that we would immediately put on so that we could be wearing them when we woke up Christmas morning……Christmas Eve and new cozy jammies are still my favorite part of Christmas!

Mom’s Here!

Mom got in last night – her plane was about a 1/2 hour late arriving, but she’s here! We stopped at Bob Evans at Cross Roads in Cary on the way home and had a delicious dinner and sat there and talked and talked! It was very nice and gave Mom a chance to relax after her flight (she isn’t a fan of flying…..)

When we got home, Katie was beside herself with excitement about seeing Grammy again – she was here the last two times Mom visited and she traveled to Mom’s in NY, so she remembered her and was happy to see her! Then, I introduced Mom to Megan and Amy! They were a little timid, but very curious about this new person they didn’t know – but soon found that she was a willing participant in the “Pet me, love me” game!!! They were friends in no time!

I’m just thrilled to have her here and am really excited about having a whole TWO WEEKS to spend with her!!!! The fun starts today!!!