You can find it everywhere – until you need it!!!

Why is it that you see something all over the place and don’t give it much thought and then, the one time you want it, it’s nowhere to be found??????

Later this week a team I am on is doing a presentation at an off site meeting and part of it is a spoof-type skit that two of the team members are going to perform. Without going into too much detail, a guy on the team will be dressed up like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and a lady from the team will wear a Wizard costume and they will go through a conversation that will put a work related twist on Dorothy’s adventures along the yellow brick road. (it’s really funny – I wish everyone could see it – even though the jokes may not make sense to someone outside our plant, just seeing “Dorothy” and “her” antics is a riot!!!)

Anyway — to get back on the topic of this post: At one point, “Dorothy” says something about a bunch of trees throwing apples at her……..we talked about how funny it would be if some of us would throw apples at him from off stage when he says that – one person said they had some plastic apples and I said that they should be soft so that we don’t hurt him – safety first, you know!!!! ha-ha So, I volunteered to get some of those soft fuzzy red balls that they have in almost every dog toy bin everywhere!!!! I’ve seen them all over the place – even bought some in the past for my dogs!!!! I thought they would be perfect — soft, easy to throw, and would look like apples from a distance — perfect!!!!

Well — I went to Fins, Furs, and Feathers thinking I wouldn’t have to go any further — wrong — no soft red fuzzy balls!!!! I went to a couple other stores in town — no soft red fuzzy balls!!! They all had harder ones – like tennis balls – or ones that were multi colored or red and white or some other variation — but they would either be too hard or wouldn’t pass as an apple!!!!

I decided to head to Southern Pines to go to PetSmart — I was sure they would have them!!! WRONG AGAIN!!!! I looked at every toy on every rack in the entire dog section and even went through the cat section — nothing that would work!!!! I couldn’t believe it!!!! I was defeated!!!

I was about to give up and headed to the check out with the treats I got for the girls while I was there —– when I glanced down an aisle in reaction to hearing a bird squawk and a round red thing caught my eye —- I perked up and switched direction to investigate!!! I found a section with “rabbit toys” that had a bunch of toys in the shape of various fruits and veggies —— not fuzzy, but soft fiber filled round toys covered with a satiny type fabric —- and there were four shaped like APPLES!!!!! Or maybe tomatoes — not sure, but either way, they are round, the right size, solid red, definitely can look like an apple from a distance (even up close!!!!) and soft so that we can throw them at “Dorothy” and not hurt her — uumm, I mean him!!!!

Success!!!! At last!!!! Thanks to a squawky bird catching my attention — no way would I have looked for a rabbit toy!!! ha-ha-ha-ha

But – isn’t that the way it goes???? You need something you know is commonly found – until you need it!!!!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside……

Man — I was really looking forward to the end of all that super hot weather we were having for so long, but what happened to the transition and “in between” weather of nice short sleeve warm, breezy days?????? We went right from “uugghh, I can’t breathe in this heat” to a day or two of “aahh, this is nice” to “bbbrrr, where did I put that winter coat?”………

The frost is definitely on the pumpkins around here now!!!! I broke down and turned on the heat the night before last cause I don’t like getting up in the mornings to a cold house!!!! The girls were even trying to get up under the covers with me, but there’s only so much room under them there blankies, so I cranked up the thermostat!!!!!

Stay Warm!!!!

Patience is a virtue……

When I sit at this computer, the girls are always laying at my feet. All three try to be the one that gets to lay the closest – sometimes to the point where I don’t have any place to put my feet!!! There are two “doggie beds” and a love seat in the room, but at least one, if not all three, have to lay on my feet!!!! I rarely have to worry about my feet getting cold!!!! ha-ha

If I get involved in doing work, writing letters, or reading blogs, it could be quite a while, but they patiently wait! From time to time they will put their chin or paws up on my lap or arm to see if they can get my attention and get me to take a break and love on them a little! When they ask, I oblige – the huggin’ and kissin’ and rubbin’ is part of the deal………

They know the routine, too, boy — if I leave the room, but don’t log off or shut down, they know we’re not done and don’t get excited! If I log off AOL and they hear “Good Bye, Kim”, they perk up and all three look up at me to see if I get up. But, when they hear the Windows shut down music, they all leap to their feet and get excited cause they know it’s time to either go to bed or go about other business!!!!

They are so cute and so predictable!!!! ha-ha

The Votes Are In…..

OK – first and foremost —– Jane and Tony went home tonight on Dancing With The Stars!!!!! They put forth a good competition and worked hard, but they are waltzing their way home……

As for the municipal elections in Sanford – WOO HOO to the voters of Sanford for an impressive turn out at the polls!!!! There was a ton of energy around the races (in particular, the at large seat) and I’m encouraged to see that voters got out and put their votes in to get their voices heard on both sides of the races – regardless of how you voted, the point is that you voted! Whether you agree or disagree with the results, it’s now time to congratulate the winners and support them in their efforts to keep Sanford growing and prospering.

As for me – I had a blast tonight flipping back and forth between Dancing With The Stars Results Show and our local Sanford TV station WBF and toggling between Billy Liggett’s and Jonathan Owens’ Blogs…….all to keep up with the various voting results……whew!!! I chose to pick up Lo Mein and Dumplings from the Chinese Restaurant on the way home from a late night at work – I ran into Billy Liggett also picking up Chinese take out for the Herald crew – it really made me sleepy, so doing all that flipping and toggling kept me from dozing off on the couch!!!! Thanks a bunch, guys!!!!

Elections In Sanford

The elections in Sanford are concluding today and I, for one, am glad! I cringe a little when I see all the name calling and finger pointing that elections tend to bring out! I like to focus on the issues and what a candidate can do for me and the things I feel are important.

I’ve said before in this blog that I don’t talk about politics in public and, although I do want to talk about politics in general, I’m not going to use this post to discuss any specific candidates or the way my vote fell (I voted on Saturday, so “fell” is accurate – not “going to fall”, as it would be if I hadn’t voted yet —- can you tell I was an English major in high school?). But I do want to comment about me and the process I go through during election time. I’m not a hard core party person – I don’t think that voting for someone SOLELY because they represent a particular party or because of their gender or because of where they come from is the right thing to do – note I said “SOLELY” – I do admit that these things do come into play and sometimes sway the vote one way or the other if all things are equal or a tie breaking element is needed. I am a registered Republican, but don’t necessarily always vote Republican – I do tend to think a little more “conservative” on most issues, but that isn’t set in stone, either! I sit on the fence!!!! I don’t keep charts to track my voting habits, but in a very unscientific reflection of past years, I think you could safely say I am an equal opportunity voter! I should probably change my registration to “Unaffiliated”, but that’s a different thought.

Like I said, I sit on the fence – then I watch and listen – then I pick the candidate who I think, from what I’ve seen and heard, best reflects what I think about the issues that mean the most to me – then I cast my vote for that person! Isn’t that what Democracy and the election process is supposed to look like? Isn’t that what EVERYONE should do? I never quite understood the “straight ticket” option — what are the odds that EVERY candidate in a certain party is on the same wave length as you on EVERY issue? I believe that it is possible and there are some instances where that may be true – but I would think it is more the exception than the rule. So, why aren’t there more people on that fence with the rest of us “wafflers” waiting to see who the best candidate is rather than jumping on a party affiliation?

The downfall of sitting on that fence and watching and listening, though, is that when the campaigning turns to finger pointing and name calling, it is hard to sort through it all to see where a candidate stands on those issues that mean the most to me. My thought is — campaigns should focus on what the candidate plans to do and what their thoughts are on their main issues – then everyone can get a clear picture of where the candidates stand on the issues moving forward and more people can get on that fence and vote based on the issues and which candidate will perform the way they want a candidate to perform — not just vote based SOLELY on party affiliation because the “party” usually backs the issue the way they would want it backed – what if the candidate in that party doesn’t think the way of the party on the one issue that means the most to you, but you don’t get to find that out cause they never really come out and say it in the campaign?????????

Just my thoughts —- vote your conscience and it’ll be the right vote for you —- that’s all that matters!!!!

Where’d the weekend go?????

Like most weekends, this one was anxiously anticipated and ended way too soon…….but, this one seemed to go quicker than most!!! I had a really hectic, stressful week at work. I was soooooooooooo happy to see Friday evening get here!!!

I spent Saturday doing things for “me”.

  • First, I had an appt for a massage Sat morning – I made the appt a couple weeks ago to use gift certificates that I received for Boss’s Day and was already looking forward to it. But, after the high stress week, I was thrilled that I had made it for this Saturday — I needed it and it was wonderful…..I left feeling totally relaxed and calm and content!!! If you haven’t had a massage (or other services) at Natural Balance Medical Spa, I highly recommend you give them a try!!!
  • Then, I went and voted – I wasn’t going to do the early voting thing this year. I did it last year because I was going to be out of town on Election Day and don’t like to use the absentee voting cause I’m never sure it gets counted, so was happy they implemented early voting so that I could physically vote before I left. This year, I planned to vote on Election Day — but, this coming week will require long, crazy hours at work like the past week did and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get to the polls on Tuesday. So, I took advantage of the last day of early voting and voted on Sat morning right after my massage. There was no one else there and I was totally relaxed and happy, so it was the PERFECT time to vote!!! I also chose to use the electronic voting machine, which was cool……
  • After that, I got some lunch and did some Christmas shopping downtown…..
  • After I checked on a friend’s dogs (they were out of town for the weekend), I went home and took a nap with my dogs………

It was a good Saturday — can’t get much better!!

Sunday was lazy – I spent much of the morning searching for flight options for my Mom – she’s coming to visit for 2 weeks over Christmas – WOO HOO!!!!! I enjoyed the beautiful day out on my deck and patio. Other than that, I didn’t do a dad-gum thing!!!! It was heavenly!!!!

But — now, it’s over and I have to go back to work tomorrow and it starts all over again………

Dancing Shocker!!!!

This season’s Dancing With The Stars has been an exciting one, indeed!!!! Jane Seymour lost her mother, Marie Osmond fainted on live TV, Jane was sick with food poisoning tonight, all but 2 of the guys have been sent home already, everyone is doing incredible – it’s really hard to pick a standout contestant that is worthy of going home! Sure they all have had dances that may not have been their best, but overall, they have all been improving every week and really doing a great job……………

Then, there was tonight’s results show!!! The judges put Jane and Marie in the bottom two, but the viewers put Cameron and Sabrina in the bottom two — everyone was in shock — the hosts, the judges, the contestants, the audience —- then, the big blow —- the one that was viewed as most likely to be in the finale and maybe even win it all – Sabrina Bryan – was sent home!!!!! She was the most consistent – good right from the start! I can’t believe it!!!!

Now, with the clear front runner gone, it’s any one’s trophy!!!! It was always gonna be close, but now………………whew!!!!